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We now carry new and rebuilt forklift batteries!
Serving All of San Diego County Including Escondido and Carlsbad
Serving All of San Diego County Including Escondido and Carlsbad

Battery Recycling


Lead acid battery recycling effectively keeps potentially harmful waste from leaking out into the environment. At Battery World, we are pleased to be able to do our part for the planet by providing an easy and convenient place for disposal and recycling of your dead or used units. Due partially to the closed system design of modern cells, and also to successful collection and drop-off efforts nationwide, nearly 98% of lead from units in the United States is recycled into new, functioning electrical units.
Keeping Things Green
Seventy percent of a battery’s weight is reusable lead. Thanks to flourishing recycling programs, over 50% of the lead supply used in manufacturing new units comes from recycled lead. Recycling efforts and lead collection have taken hold over the years, in large part because of an increase in public awareness and cooperation between workers in the automotive industry. Working together is important because of the highly toxic nature of the materials. California in particular is very strict about its disposal process. Closed systems and conscientious disposal have prevented lead products from becoming an unmanageable environmental problem. We are prepared to come and get your disposable load of over 1,000 pounds, or you may bring in your dead units from your car, truck or other vehicle. We will be happy to get them back into circulation.
Get the Lead Out of Your Home near Escondido and Carlsbad
It may be good to know your lead-based electrical sources may be destined to be recycled time and time again. In addition, bringing in your old parts, including solid-lead items such as ingots, wheel weights and more may put some extra cash in your wallet. Cycling products through the manufacturing system helps protect the environment from unnecessary pollutants. Make us your source, too, for renewable energy components such as solar batteries. Together we may power up without taking down the planet. Call us at 760-941-7600.

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