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We now carry new and rebuilt forklift batteries!
We now carry new and rebuilt forklift batteries!
We now carry new and rebuilt forklift batteries!

The Benefits of Recycling Batteries

car battery recycling
If you need an environmentally friendly way to dispose of your lead or lithium batteries, Battery World in San Diego may have the perfect solution for you. Our battery recycling service lets individuals reduce their carbon footprints and help the local ecosystem by allowing their unusable batteries to be recycled. This is a much better alternative to disposing of your batteries in your local landfill. Batteries have the potential to leak harmful lead acid and other chemicals if you use traditional battery disposal methods. Whether you need to dispose of a car or truck battery, our recycling service can be of assistance.

Reasons to Reuse Lead and Plastic Inside Batteries

When batteries are recycled, their lead, acid and plastic can be utilized in a multitude of ways. Despite the obvious usefulness of a used battery, many people are hesitant to recycle instead of tossing them in the trash with other household refuse. If you have ever wondered about the benefits of recycling, here are some practical reasons to consider recycling your used batteries.
  • Reduces the possibility of harmful chemicals seeping into the environment
  • It’s a cheaper alternative to traditional disposal methods
  • Reduces the amount of waste in communities
  • Helps increase awareness about environmental issues and recycling
Simply put, recycling provides consumers with an opportunity to reduce the amount of heavy metals such as mercury and lead in the environment. The material harvested from recycled batteries can even be used to create new batteries in the future.

Serving All of San Diego, Carlsbad and Escondido

Battery World in San Diego proudly promotes the benefits of battery recycling and battery accessories. If you are interested in learning more about the recycling process, we can be reached at 760-941-7600. Our company also serves the Escondido and Carlsbad areas as well.

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