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We now carry new and rebuilt forklift batteries!
Serving All of San Diego County Including Escondido and Carlsbad
Serving All of San Diego County Including Escondido and Carlsbad

Used Car Batteries

Choose Used to Save Money on Car Batteries in San Diego

Though it is a crucial part in the overall operation of a vehicle, a car battery can be expensive to replace, with prices varying between manufacturers and models. Purchasing a refurbished car battery is a relatively inexpensive alternative to new automotive batteries if you are on a budget. This is due to the fact that, unlike other car components, a used car battery is quite simple for professionals to refurbish and repair because the insides are easy to access. The idea of purchasing a refurbished battery might seem dubious at first in terms of a return on your investment. However, when it is done correctly by the experts at Battery World in San Diego, a used automobile battery can actually allow your vehicle to operate well for at least another 5 years at a reduced price.
The Benefits of Refurbished Units
Aside from the benefits for your wallet, choosing to invest in a refurbished automobile battery yields several other benefits as well.
  • Extended vehicle life: If you know your car is old but not quite ready to be considered a junk car, a used battery can give you another few reliable years to save money for something new in the future.
  • A “good as new” approach: There is a difference between a recharge and a truly refurbished auto battery. The best maintenance process involves cleaning out any corrosion or lead sulfate accumulation, replacing aged acid and a thorough professional inspection.
  • The professional touch: The materials involved in crafting a truly refurbished battery require the skill of experienced workers to get just right, which only means good things for the quality of the final product.
Finding the Option for You in Escondido or Carlsbad
If you live in Carlsbad, San Diego or Escondido, don’t wait for your battery to give out. Call us today at 760-941-7600.

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